Vega 3 ALPR – Automatic Licence Plate Reader

Vega 3 ALPR – Automatic Licence Plate Reader

The Vega 3 Smart camera is designed for use in Urban and Suburban areas where speed is not expected to exceed 140 Km/h.

The Vega 3 has identification of “real time” access to restricted traffic zones (ZTL), identification of unauthorized lane transit, traffic monitoring, transit analysis, and automation of access by vehicles. It is the perfect application for use with “weight in motion systems”.

Our ALPR solutions are non-invasive and our cameras do not require external sensors, the eliminating the need for costly “road work”. Local buffering with the Vega 3 keeps track of all events when the network connection has failed, and then transmits all events when connection is regained. The Vega 3 is part of the Next Generation of Smart cameras providing information to SmartCities.

The on-board Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables “real time” transit identification without post-processing devices and high speed/capacity data connections; the dual head system provides an OCR camera and a colour context camera together. Combined they provide for the best tracking of vehicles and can be easily integrated into any CCTV or CCVE system.


  • Standalone ALPR system with onboard OCR
  • Pulse Wave Infrared Illumination
  • Real-time Processing : 25 fps
  • Onboard web server with dual licence plate management lists
  • TCP, RS485 and Digital I/O
  • Weatherproof IP66 housing with bracket and sun-shield
  • SD Memory card port
  • Range : 25 m
  • 150 Km/h maximum vehicle speed