Vega 2 HD – Automatic Licence Plate Reader

Vega 2 HD – Automatic Licence Plate Reader

The Vega 2HD is an ALPR specific solution for Free Flow and many other applications. Free Flow is the modern free-flow tolling system which provides the least possible use of infrastructure and the most plausible use of the ITS. With the use of multilane Free Flow portals (use with variable speed limits (VSL)) placed before every junction, we can reduce the cost of toll booths or stations. This process can provide massive benefits for the environment, use of space, and construction costs. This is achieved by reducing fuel used, reducing traffic congestion, which produces smooth, fluid, and free flowing traffic.

On board Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and IR illumination provide plate processing directly in the Vega 2HD and allows for “real time” transits identification without the need for post-processing devices or high speed/capacity data connections. Installation is non-intrusive and requires no external triggers or devices. The camera can be used for Enforcement and speed detection, and will respond to speeds of up to 250 Km/h.

The salient feature of the Vega 2HD is the dual head system provides the OCR camera and colour camera context camera together. Together it provides for the best tracking of vehicles and can be easily integrated into any CCTV or CCVE system.


  • Standalone ALPR system with onboard OCR
  • Colour context camera
  • Pulse Wave Infrared Illumination
  • Real-time Processing : 75 fps
  • Onboard web server with dual licence plate management lists
  • TCP, RS485 and Digital I/O
  • Weatherproof IP67 housing with bracket and sun-shield
  • SD Memory card port
  • Range : 25 m
  • Colour Streaming Video H.246 and MPEG4
  • 250 Km/h maximum vehicle speed