Mobile ALPR

Mobile ALPR

Mobile ALPR is a Smart solution for crime prevention, repossessions, Police Forces, Specialized Operational Departments, Intelligence Services, and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement to name a few. Our latest line of ALPRs can scan up to 100 license plates per second, both front and rear, in any light condition. Our Mobile ALPR combines multiple components in one compact solution – the infrared illuminator and processor with integrated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) read licence plates automatically.

Because of the unique features of our Mobile ALPR, Police Forces can carry out “real time checks”, add/delete plates directly, receive live updates from dispatch, and much more!

The Mobile ALPR does not require the installation of a processing unit or a physical connection between the device and the vehicle’s tablet/PC. With the embedded software, license plate analysis is completed in the Mobile unit and data communication occurs in Wi-Fi mode. Fixed data communication is also available.


  • Embedded license plate analysis
  • All in one: monochrome and colour sensors, IR illuminator
  • Color video streaming: H.264 & MPEG4
  • WiFi data transmission from unit to PC/tablet
  • Waterproof housing
  • Web server with intuitive GUI
  • SD memory card up to 16 GB